Adult Spanish Classes


Fun & Friendly spanish lessons for Adults in Glasgow

Welcome to Language For Fun - lovely, lively Spanish lessons are available in Glasgow!

Language for Fun classes are relaxed and laid back with no exams or compulsory homework. The classes are conversation based and you will learn how to communicate effectively with one another in Spanish, while getting to know each other better. There is no pressure to talk in front of the whole class, as you will all be talking at the same time in small groups.

Although the atmosphere is relaxed, the class is highly structured. This helps you to make progress while at the same time feeling comfortable and knowing how classes will work each week. Through carefully prepared conversations, learners practice speaking in Spanish, and find out more about their classmates. Friendships are formed through having a common goal (learning Spanish!), and spending time together each week supporting and encouraging one another, while sharing a laugh and fun moments, helps learners lose their nerves about talking, and feel more confident to try and speak and just go for it, and try their best!

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken and useful languages you can learn - and it’s fun too! Why not get in touch and come along to a class and start your language learning journey today!!

Fun & Friendship Guaranteed!

We had over 30 learners at our Christmas night out at Malaga Tapas, ordering food and drinks in Spanish, and it was great fun, and a fantastic opportunity to spend time together, whether the learners had just started Beginners 1 or had been learning for years. Community is so important when learning a new skill, and our classes are all very supportive and welcoming

Award winniing tuition with Rachel Peebles

Rachel grew up in Glasgow and gained an honours degree in Economics at Glasgow Univeristy, before going to Seville to gain her certificate in 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' (TEFL) Soon after that, she moved to Bolivia, where she lived for 9 years, speaking Spanish every day, while working with children and families in a Christian Community Project that supported local families though education, health, sports and community work.

Rachel loves Spanish and is passionate about promoting language learning to all ages! As she learnt the language from scratch in Bolivia when she first moved there, she understands what it’s like to learn Spanish as a beginner. She started teaching adults over 4 years ago with 'Language for Fun' and she is excited to have the opportunity to add to her growing children's classes and teach Spanish to adults also - it's never too late to learn a new language!